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See what other people are saying about our Edge at Fitzsimons apartments! At Edge at Fitzsimons Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I know the price might be high but its worth it. The lady's in the office are great. Everytime I put a work order it gets done right away the maintenance team is great Fernando and John will make sure you're taking care of. My last apartment management was horrible they didn't fix anything I had no hot water for a month and I had bed bugs!! I have no complaints love my apartment and management is great! Thanks for everything you guys do!


Update - So I have now been living here for now 2 years. I cannot lie I has not been perfect but its not been bad at all. The people are friendly and anytime I complain, they fix it. Gina and Esmeralda are always there. But most important I didn't have any pest :) Gina is the person you will always deal with. Down to earth and super nice. Esmeralda is always in the back but is nice and always kind. She comes out the second you ask where she is. lol Overall I had a good experience except for my one set of neighbors -_- So I just moved here hence my four and not five but so far its been really positive. The staff is very kind, I have had most of interactions with Gina. She called me a lot to make sure I was in the loop so I appreciate good communication. I got a reasonable rate with a decent amount of space. They recently painted and I can tell whatever was going on last year isn't going on currently. I am not saying this is the four season because the four seasons has a gym ( if anyone actually reads this a gym would be nice :) ) However I am saying that I really have enjoyed the kindness and the presentation. No one tried to hype up the experience they told me I would live around good families, that its clean and they have been prompt on any request I have made. So for that I am grateful ! I look forward to seeing with the year brings while living here and the other things I can see they are working on around the complex.



I must say my experience with this property has been very fulfilling. Gina has always been very helpful and patient with me . Esmeralda works in the back but does not hesitate to come up font to offer assistance. No property is perfect however these ladies will go above and beyond to make sure you can be comfortable and have a place to call home!!!!


I love my apartment it has a huge walking closet in my bedroom for my shoes, central ac for this hot weather. This place is nice I work 5 minutes away. Very comfortable and happy here.


The staff is wonderful I dont have no problems. I dont have no pest issues and my work orders get done immediately. This place is getting better every year the new management has really turn this place around.


Management is really nice and always greet you with a smile. This place has had a complete turn around. It feels more like a place I want to stay now!


gina is the most amazing person. her personality is always happy and upbeat..and she ensures things get taken care of asap....


"I can't say enough good things about Aspenwood apartments and their wonderful staff!! Gina and Esmerelda are great. Check it out before you rent else where."


I love the staff here at Aspenwood they are really friendly and understanding. The ladies here will go out of their way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Would definitely recommend.

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